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Hi my name is Marilyn, founder of EMF Protect.​

This website is a result of my intense desire to see people experience health and wholeness, and have a fulfilling life. If you are in pain, whether emotional or physical, I want to help you become pain free.

​Ask anyone who knows meÖ. theyíll tell you I have this built-in motivation that just compels me to offer helpful health tips to my friends, and sometimes even to people Iíve just met.

Itís like an automatic reflex. If I see your need, and I have information that can help you, I will want to tell you.

Read between the lines hereÖ

​​Thatís part of growing as a personÖ and Iím still growing. Trust me.

I guess I just care about people too much to let them keep hurting.

I care about helping people learn the truth about simple health and wellness secrets.

Thatís why Iím putting together this website. This site is a place where I can publish what I have discovered about health. People I care about can come here to learn about dealing with their health issues, their physical or emotional pain, or how to just stay healthy in the first place.

The health tips will be here whenever you want to read them. My job Ė and my JOY Ė is to make the knowledge available.

Itís your choice if and when you make use of it in your own life.

There are so many simple, basic health habits for improving your overall well-being and resistance to disease. But because they are simple, they are often overlooked.

And because these methods donít make doctors or drug companies richÖ well, you get the picture. Nobody is pointing them out to you on a regular basis. Iím a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


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If you are concerned about your health and wellbeing then we can help detect measure and protect you against Electrometric radiation.

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